Strategies to Face Search Engine Optimization as A professional In Virginia

Are you a Virginia search engine optimization company? Are you struggling with the competition in the market? Is maintaining your clients becoming an uphill task? Don’t worry. This article will teach you on key points that when you add on your skills you will get your business back on track.


The internet has become one small market for a very big population. Every business is going online and targeting the same group of people. As a SEO company, you need to do thorough research of the market. What is the target group for your client? What services is your client offering? How stiff is the competition? What are the pain points for clients that have not yet been solved? You need to bring solutions that are not there already in the market. All your clients come to you because they trust you to generate enough traffic for them. By focusing on clientele pain points and offering solutions that are not there in the market you perfectly win their attention.

Focus on mobile devices

Google is the leading search engine in the world. Every person actively involved in the internet visits google a few times a day. It recently launched the mobile first index. Google understands that a majority of people are accessing the internet using their smartphones. If Google values its mobile phone clientele, as a SEO company you should too. Get all the information given to you by your client and ensure its updated on mobile first index as on the desk top. Set mobile meta data correctly. Match structured markup for your desktop and mobile sites.

Evaluate your clients work for optimum services and content

We both agree that for every product you are trying to sell online there is a pool of similar products. This is why you need as a company to evaluate your clients work. Is it the right content? Are keywords phrased correctly? Is it relevant to the targeted group? After going through your clients work rewrite to address the specific pain points that should be targeted. Doing this will get your clients content ranked high in the search engine hence bringing on the traffic you both need.

Give a great focus on voice search

With everyone getting lazy with every dawn of a new technology you need to keep the pace. Google voice search is one service that is growing at a very high rate. How do you focus on it? By optimizing your client’s content to answer most question asked by his target group. It works on the principle of answering questions asked. Get your phone ask questions that your clients content answers. The answers you get on googles voice search answers will give an idea on how to optimize your client’s content for maximum traffic.

Get the fastest possible page speeds

We all agree that waiting sucks. Imagine a situation where you are searching for something online and it takes 7 minutes to give you results? Awful, right? Search engines will rank your page lowest if it cannot be accessed easily. One or two seconds are enough to get what you need online. Create your clients page in a way that one tap to the link brings up all the answers.

Analyze your client’s web marketing

As a SEO company you need to be a reliable partner to your clients. They have entrusted you with their company web and all they expect are results. Make sure you analyze their web marketing strategies frequently. Are they doing it in the right way? What should they add to increase their traffic? When you have answers advise them on the best marketing strategies to implement.

Focus on local search optimization

Include location modifiers in all your keywords. In your case Virginia would work magic. When people around Virginia search for your services the location modifier will pull a map of where your client’s services can be found. This is a great way of making potential clients actual clients. With clear information on services offered and where they are offered everyone will stop searching and go get the services.

Accountability is key

As a Virginia SEO company, you are not immune to mistakes. If a mistake occurs correct it as efficiently as possible. Be completely accountable to your clients. Provide detailed reports on all the activities of your client’s web page and offer improvement strategies.…

Criteria To Improve Urgently For Seo

The Google algorithm takes into account more than 200 standards for organizing the positioning of each website on the SERP, the result page of a query. These criteria are complemented by different statistics and data which are secondary criteria. Not easy to dissect all these criteria and improve the SEO, SEO of a website. Here is a (very) short list of critical positioning criteria to urgently enhance to boost its SEO.


So far, we are learning nothing! The backlinks have become a reliable indication of authority, and so these backlinks should be taken into account in your SEO strategy.

The Backlink Profile (Citation Flow, Trust Flow)

Google gives more and more importance to backlinks and to do so; the algorithm takes into account the quality of the link and its profile. Indeed, to avoid buying and setting up low-quality links in huge numbers or outgoing links from the same domain, Google penalizes these abuses.

What to do? Only the supposedly natural links coming from the site with excellent reliability and on a similar subject bring a plus to the authority of the section towards which they point. The Majestic SEO tool provides valuable help on backlinks: the ideal is a crucial Trust Flow and a Citation Flow lower.

The Relevance Of The Link Anchor

The link anchor is the visible part of a link by the user and the search engines. It represents the clickable text of the ring. This is a criterion taken into account in the quality of a backlink.

What to do? An ideal backlinking involves anchors of links related to the landing page and the subject of the text: they must be diversified and natural.

Feel free to follow your backlinks to avoid bad surprises (negative SEO ) and support those of your competitors not to fall behind.

 The Content Of The Website

Again, no surprises: Content is King! There is no right SEO without excellent site content. But how to make a difference?

Take Into Account The Critical Words

You cannot start writing correctly for the web without doing a keyword auditor failing to take into account the keywords used to your site. They must be relevant to your site theme, each page but also correspond to qualified queries and with a large volume.

What to do? We must find the keyword in the title of the page, the <h1> and in the subtitles or the text with an occurrence of 1,5% approximately.

The Length Of The Content Of A Page

The range of a page’s content is a Google positioning criterion: longer text is usually a sign of better content quality. However, there is no ideal length for the content of a page.

What to do? According to Google, the ideal length of a page is “the length needed to get content that addresses the subject and purpose of the page.” A bit vague, but overall, a product page must be shorter than a blog post or an informative Wikipedia site. You can also take inspiration from the length of the sheets positioned by your competitors.

Ease Of Reading And Comprehension

Google implemented Rank Brain in October 2015 to find out if the content is suitable for a query. One of its functionalities is to analyze the results and the statistics of the satisfaction of the Net surfers (low bounce rate, length of extended visit, number of pages visited …).

To improve the content of a site, it is advisable to use tools like Yoast SEO or Website Auditor. Long texts with a good keyword occurrence on a relevant keyword boost SEO, SEO  of a site.

 The Technical And Seo Aspect Of A Site

The structure of a place, its tree structure, and its features are essential criteria for Google who do not hesitate to penalize bad students.